Introducing our signature book – You CAN Lead

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Introducing our signature book – You CAN Lead

We recently embarked on a new journey and launched our very first book on leadership and the important role it plays in the success of contemporary and modern organisations. Throughout our book, we explore a plethora of experiences, studies, and anecdotal pieces of evidence that have contributed to our way of thinking, which in turn has contributed to the sessions we conducted with our partners.

Mark and I owe a great debt to everyone who has had a part in shaping us into the leaders we have become. This includes our leaders, mentors, families, colleagues, friends, and those we have led. Whether your lessons were taught through formal training and education, discourse or practical example, each of you have been key to influencing the leaders we are today. We are eternally grateful.

A special thanks to our many mentors who have been there to offer a steady hand, words of wisdom, a different perspective, and sometimes just to act as sounding boards. Our greatest thanks. You know who you are!

We particularly wish to thank those who have been so gracious in allowing us to lead them. We know we have made mistakes along the way, and are grateful for all the shared moments, both victorious and challenging.

Thank you to each of our wives. We recognise the sacrifices made not just during the writing of this book, but also in establishing our company, Defining Leaders. Your forbearance has allowed us to pursue our greatest passion; leadership; and to assist so many others to achieve their leadership potential. Thank you!

Finally, writing this book has been challenging and rewarding, in equal measure. We could not have done it without the expert book-writing assistance of Catherine Moolenschot, our teacher and mentor, who kept us focused, on track and on time. Thank you, Catherine.

If you would like to get your own copy of our book, simply head over to this page and place your order. We look forward to your feedback and valuable insights!