Leadership Consulting is aimed at executives with promotion potential who need both management skills and the guidance offered by an independent unbiased mentor.

Ideal Leadership Consulting Candidates

This leadership consultation program is designed for current leadership and managers who already have a valuable skillset but need to refine and build their leadership experience, capacity and ability.


Each registrant will undergo a tailored journey that will help them drive and deliver greater value within their respective organisations.

How Is Our Leadership Consulting Unique?

This consulting program blends great leadership fundamentals with simple and engaging stories shared by some of the industries greatest past & present leaders.


Every consultation program starts off with a discussion involving the business and the recipient. Such a process tailors the content and agenda to the current scenario as well as leadership capability, which achieves better outcomes.

Outcomes from Leadership Consulting Program

Formulate a sense of self-awareness through the identification of a leadership mission, vision and core set of values

Professional process linking individual effectiveness to organisational success

Build and exhibit sound understand foundational leadership theories, knowledge and modelling

Exposure and resilience through intense times of innovation and change

Download the ‘Guide to Building Influential Leaders’ consulting plan


Get the free guide around who should be developed into a leader, the process for them to grow and how to maintain the journey.




Senior leadership roles in public and private enterprises. Founder and director of five respected startups.

High-level leadership experience and CEO roles in defence, government, corporate, not-for-profit and startup sectors.

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