Join our upcoming sessions and uncover your leadership ambitions.


Join our upcoming sessions and uncover your leadership ambitions.

Leadership Program Content

Theme: Inspirational, resilient leadership

Guest speakers – corporate leadership & adversity

Case Study: Leadership in cultural diversity and across generations.

Case Study: Lessons in metal toughness.

Leadership attributes for complex projects.

Critical thinking frameworks.

Industry and enterprise trends

Self-Discovery: Who am I? My strengths? Areas to improve

Experimental gaming

Who needs this Course?

This program is a unique opportunity for young professionals and emerging leaders to develop and enhance their leadership capacity and skills for future leadership roles. The program will explore participants’ leadership strengths and promote the skills and tools they require to further lead and inspire excellence within their organisations. Participants will undergo a personal leadership development journey that will generate value for them and for their business.

Why is this Course Unique?

This course focusses on the simple ingredients of great leadership. It de-mystifies the subject into a series of simple, engaging stories told by great past and present leaders, sourced from multiple industries; each has the X-factor of brilliant leadership demonstrated through tangible accomplishments over many years. This course isn’t looking to “re-hash” the academics of good leadership, but provide a series of real stories that talk to the simple practical and pragmatic lessons that have been learnt through success as well as failure.


Course participants will learn to explore their own leadership styles through a series of practical games that focus on understanding their own personal and professional values and the boundaries they are likely to excel within. Are they inspirational? Are they resilient? Do they understand the strategic environment they operate in? Are they a decisive leader when working under pressure? Are they able to adapt their leadership according to the environment? Each of these questions will be explored, providing participants with a better understanding of their own strengths and areas requiring improvement.

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Case Studies & Stories Covered

Thinking like the CEO.

Understanding the global business landscape over the next decade.

Understanding the key ingredients that will excel a high performing company

Profile of the buyer and the customer over the next decade.

Profile of the employee over the next decade.

Profile of the business leader over the next decade.

Leadership in adversity.

Building resilience in future leaders.

Qualities of a great leader.

Gender and cultural diversity and related leadership styles challenges.

Dealing with Gen Xs, Gen Ys and Millennials in the workplace.

Leadership in transformation projects.

How to inspire and motivate in my current role.

Self-discovery (Who am I? Strengths? Improvements?)

Stress (Affect, resilience and time management)


We guarantee our clients measurable improvement in business outcomes through superior leadership.

Our success is based on ensuring you achieve all of your individual and business goals.

Our leadership program has been developed in response to understanding the need for organisations to:

Effectively develop the right future leaders.

Understand the subtle differences between management and leadership.

Differentiate themselves in complex global markets.

Understand how to lead in times of crisis.

Understand how to lead teams with diverse cultures and across the generations.

Understand the strategy and ‘end game’ before beginning to solve the problem.

Lead significant transformation initiatives.