This Program is focused on a very particular Enterprise Challenge such as a
Transformation Program


This Program is focused on a very particular Enterprise Challenge such as a Transformation Program

Leadership Program Content

Based on the audience and the company’s challenges, as well as collective aspirations, the program is developed to resolve a bespoke requirement. Therefore, the program may address any number of content areas that may include a number of the following topics:

What is the challenge

What are the problems we are trying to solve?

What are the various ways to solve the issue? Encouraging a debate

Landing a starting point

Evangelising Support

Building the roadmap

Building the right measures

The stakeholder matrix

Key risks & issues

Building the schedule

Celebrating delivery along the way

Who is the Ideal Customer?

Progressive organisations are always looking to develop the talent that will help them excel in delivery of the company’s productivity agenda for the future. The best companies are made up of leaders that understand the need to be continuously re-inventing oneself, in an effort to remain on top of the competition ladder. Therefore, ideal companies demonstrate an understanding of “what it takes to be competitive?” and therefore seek to build out the qualities required to lead the organisation and its employees enthusiastically (but realistically) through such a transformation. These companies would benefit greatly from an accelerated program that helps them identify the challenges of the journey and therefore how to build personal and company resilience into the transformation journey.

Why is the Program Unique?

This program is presented as an experiential journey that looks at the difference between successful and unsuccessful business transformation programs. In most cases the latter was always predictable from the beginning, had the leadership teams been properly prepared for the marathon and challenges ahead. If companies simply focus on the simple improvements achieved through financial savings, rather than the complex challenge that includes all dimensions in the running of a competitive business (including the people challenge), then transformation programs will nearly always fail.


The DEFINING LEADERS program delivers an accelerated appreciation of what it takes to be a leader through a transformation phase and how that is very different to a steady state operation. The program is less about academics and more about real-world practical assistance. During a training phase, guest speakers may be introduced, to assist with the exploration of leadership success and failure during transformation programs, in an effort to help the company’s leadership team to understand their particular leadership roles through the transformation journey.

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Program Background

5 out of 7 businesses in most industries will cease to exist 5 years from now without significant transformation. Enterprise transformation is no longer an option; it is now an essential ingredient for every business desiring competitiveness in a global market. Therefore, tomorrows leaders must be adaptive, resilient, innovative, creative and, most of all, very self-aware. They must know where their role starts and ends, where they need to seek help and where they must stay strong or sometimes give ground. Therefore, this program sets out to introduce companies and individuals to the world of enterprise transformation and what will be required of them as leaders in support of such major initiatives. The program is normally presented over a number of months, through a series of consulting and coaching sessions, intermixed with the occasional training day as team themes begin to emerge.


We guarantee our clients measurable improvement in business outcomes through superior leadership.

Our success is based on ensuring you achieve all of your individual and business goals.

Our leadership program has been developed in response to understanding:

Building resilience in a business in readiness for transformation.

Every investment in preparing for transformation is measurable and exponential.

Failing to prepare for transformation is failing to deliver value.

Avoiding creating a fear culture during a transformation program.

What are the real metrics for survival in today’s business world?

Understanding the key ingredients that will separate high performing companies from the lesser competitive companies over the next decade.

Understanding the profile of the leader in major transformation programs.

The psychology of the employee during transformation.

Inspiring and leading in a world of uncertainty and constant disruption.

Transformation leadership in complex environments.

Leadership in adversity.

What type of leader would I represent in a transformation journey?