This Program is focussed on bringing alignment to a Leadership Team


This Program is focussed on bringing alignment to a Leadership Team

Leadership Program Content

Based on the audience and the company’s challenges, as well as collective aspirations, the program is developed to resolve a bespoke requirement. Therefore, the program may address any number of content areas that may include a number of the following topics:

Common vision, mission and objectives.

Aligned approach to delivery.

Belief in each members’ personal contribution and the collective strength of the team.

Thinking ‘outside the square’ – challenging the paradigm.

Building a roadmap towards business excellence.

Quantitative and qualitative measures and keeping to the course.

Who is the Ideal Customer?

Good leadership knows when their operation is not delivering to full capacity. Progressive organisations are always looking towards optimising their performance, pushing the boundaries of their leadership team. Therefore, the ideal customer is someone who understands that their business team would benefit greatly from an accelerated program that helps them build out the leadership capability around a series of real life scenarios, tailored to their business. Starting from the top down, we will help challenge and align the leadership team before helping them drive the improvements throughout the organisation and then build out a high-performance operation that will see the company recognised as industry “best practise”.

Why is the Program Unique?

The program focuses on the simple ingredients of great leadership teams. It is an experiential journey from “who are we today and how do we perform as a leadership team?” and replays it against the ingredients of great high performing leadership teams.


The program participants can expect to walk away with a much greater appreciation of both their own leadership qualities as well as the same insight on the collective leadership team. This is completed through a series of practical exercises that focus on understanding both individual and team personal and professional values and the areas they both excel in as well as need to develop. For example, “…are we aligned and do we work towards a common purpose?…”; “…How do we really perform under pressure?…”.

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Program Background

The program is aimed at helping the identified high performing talent within an organisation to develop both their personal and professional skills in support of their current leadership roles. The program will explore their strengths and weaknesses and promote the necessary behaviors and skills for both strong individual and team leadership roles. The program will seek to build alignment in a leadership team. They will learn to appreciate their own limitations and what they need to develop to be a competitive effective leader within their current organisation. The program is normally presented over a number of months through a series of consulting and coaching sessions intermixed with the occasional training day as team themes begin to emerge.


We guarantee our clients measurable improvement in business outcomes through superior leadership.

Our success is based on ensuring you achieve all of your individual and business goals.

Our leadership program has been developed in response to understanding:

Building teams to focus on the outcome.

Improving team effectiveness and efficiency.

Creative ideas around recovering lost ground.

Innovative ideas for process improvement.

Minimising delays and rework.

Process governance, including controlling the appetite for continual improvement.

Balancing innovation with the realistically achievable.