Independent, confidential leadership executive coaching sessions in Melbourne and Sydney, designed to provide an unbiased and learning experience for professionals in high demand positions.

Ideal Leadership Coaching Candidates

The management coaching session is for people currently in business-critical roles, such as middle management, C-Level or heads of major business units.

What makes Defining Leaders leadership coaching unique?

The Defining Leaders leadership development program is created by Mark Cooper and Daryl Bates, who have leadership experience in private and public enterprises.

Unlike most, self-styled experts, the authors behind this leadership training program have occupied every position of authority, from CEO to leading naval officer. They understand the pressure you handle – making them ideal candidates for training managers.


DEFINING LEADERS’ executive coaching sessions in Melbourne and Sydney promise to challenge you, while providing an independent unbiased voice to help you iron out your shortcomings, all in a safe, confidential environment.


Independent and confidential leadership coaching in Sydney and Melbourne designed to provide an unbiased and experienced viewpoint for professionals in high demand positions.

Outcomes from Leadership Coaching

Strategic function for attracting and retaining exceptional leaders

Ability to facilitate and guide large business transition and transformation

Professional process linking individual effectiveness to organisational success

Increases the performance for executives and the greater team


Download the ‘Process to becoming a Successful Executive’ coaching plan


Understand who the right executive is, expectations of them, outcomes they must drive and the journey they embark on.



Senior leadership roles in public and private enterprises. Founder and director of five respected startups.

High-level leadership experience and CEO roles in defence, government, corporate, not-for-profit and startup sectors.

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